Betacon Zakat Fund

At Betacon Construction, we're humbled to be able to contribute towards worthy causes.  Our Zakat Fund makes annual grants to a number of organisations.

The following are some of the organisation we have helped to date.  

Donated to Date

Giant Steps

Giant Steps has a multifaceted approach to the provision of services to children with autism and their families, whilst spreading a culture of caring and professional excellence through the broader community. 


The school provides a transdisciplinary approach to education combining music, occupational and speech therapy delivered across the programs. They also offer professional skill development for staff and other health professionals


Sadaqa Welfare Fund is an Australian Humanitarian Aid organisation who provide food, shelter and general assistance to refugees and other communities in need in Australia and around the world. 


They charge 0% admin fee with 100% of funds raised going towards assisting those in need.