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Have Your Say 8.09.20

Parramatta Council is in the process of finalising amendments to its LEP under the guise of harmonisation, with the major effect being fewer permissible Dual Occupancy sites.

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No More Villas & Duplexes in Ryde 19.03.20

In the same week the Planning Minister came out and said there will be no further delay in implementing the Medium Density SEPP for those councils with deferrals, it appears Ryde Council is working on how to water them down.

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Property Price Rebound 3.10.19

As most of you no doubt would have read/heard over the past couple of days, the rebound in property prices seems to be gathering some momentum especially in Sydney.  As at the end of September, the median house price crept back above the $800,000 mark with a quarterly growth rate of 3.5%.


New Gen Boarding Homes 12.4.19

Earlier this week I attended an information evening hosted by DesignCorp Architects & BF Money.  We were given a brief insight into opportunities around boarding house developments.  As we find ourselves in an environment more conducive to developing for rental yield instead of stock for selling, it was a timely presentation for what other opportunities exist

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Labor to scrap the Medium Density SEPP - 25.2.2019

The on again, off again saga that is the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code looks to be dead in the water should Labor get up at the state elections in March.  NSW Labor has announced that if elected they would “Immediately scrap the contentious Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code for all councils”.......


Property Investing Under Labor - 5.11.2018

Labor has been on the record as saying that Tax Reform around property investment is high on their agenda.  Leading into an election year in 2019, I thought I’d share an interesting article I recently read in the SMH which I encourage you all to read titled.......


Stable House Prices just around the Corner - 5.10.2018

Amongst all the doom and gloom being hashed out on a daily basis about property prices and in particular their retreat in Sydney over the last 12 months, I thought I’d share an interesting bit of research I happened to first catch on the ABC.......


Clarification on Dual Ocss Under The SEPP - 27.8.2018

In my last newsletter I discussed the implementation of the Medium Density SEPP for Duplexes, Manor Homes & Terraces and its deferral in a number of council areas until 1st of July 2019.......

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Medium Density Sepp Update - 17.8.2018

The intention of the Medium Density SEPP was to provide a pathway for faster development of what it considered the "Missing Middle".......